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Welcome to Hooded Masked Man. This is an independent production, engineering, entertainment, management, publishing, digital arts & design and music group label. Open to all and any new and innovative entertainment & ideas.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Single From OxNxExZ!!!

Finally OxNxExZ has returned to rightfully claim his title of rap game supremacy. With his comeback single "Donald Trump", OxNxExZ won't have a problem doing so. Story behind this song is 2 years of pent up vitality. With his versatility and one of a kind personality, this is definitely one for the books. Without question some of his best production, engineering, and song writing talents are on display with this one. With just the right amount of glam and glitz, still making a prominent statement, and acknowledging those closest to him, this is truly a track of pure genius and excitement. When asked what he thought of our coverage on the new single he quoted, "My monologue is all dollar signs/ It's  like a foreign language to you broker guys/ And I ain't talking about stock," (-OxNxExZ "Donald Trump-) with a faint grin on his face that emanates nothing but confidence and optimism.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Joliets Hidden Treasure

With OxNxExZ leading the way "Hooded Masked Man" is truly one of the most underrated and overlooked groups on the underground circuit. With over 12 years music experience, OxNxExZ has released over 10 mixtapes and 2 albums. He has been featured as a candidate for MTV's "Who's next up?", features on Coast to Coast mixtapes, and the You Rock tour.

With headlining artist and brother "Drilla," OxNxExZ looks to to make an uncandid statement with "Hooded Masked Man's" next project. With an arsenal of fire fueled materials, original beats and production, and an all star line up of talent, he will have no problem doing so. OxNxExZ has established and continues to establish a premiere team of raw, unheard and unseen talent.

Coming off of a 3 year prison sentence in which he served 2 of, and a premature release of his project "The Affiliate," he is all too consciously aware of the challenges and obstacles that he faces, and he is ready to take them on.

Motivated by the love he has for his city and the people in it, his lifelong passion to create and share his music, this commander in chief is destined to orchestrate a bounty of riches and success for his city, family and friends.

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Video For All Mi Hooded Masked Headz!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

1 Of The Many Mixtapes I'm Revising. . . This Is From 2009. . . Still Bangin!!!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Official Hooded Masked Man Blog

What's going on. I would like to share my thoughts, music, and journey into the music business with you. I have been doing the mentioned jobs/positions for about 10 years now, with no eval. I am 21, and have no professional music business experience. I do have determination, dedication, and an incomparable passion and drive to create, master, and perform my music. I love the fans, which are very scarce at this time. This is what I do this for. I want you to love what I love. Being able to do what you love and have everybody else love you for you. This all sounds nice and all, but don't be confused. I dare not try and trick/fool any of you. I am very in tune with the streets and my surroundings. That doesn't mean I have to become a product of my environment. So check me out. "The" Hooded Masked Man. Signing off. I leave you with this insight.
                                               OxNxExZ - "Prepare For My Return".

                                                                  Sincerely ,
                                  The President - Eric "T.Maine '1" a.k.a. OxNxExZ