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This gifted and articulated thinker derives from the poverty driven parts of Joliet, IL. Crafted to perfection as a song-writer, artist, performer and producer, he is the ultimate game changer. The self-proclaimed "President" or "Presi," has been pursuing music since 11 years old in hopes of changing the lives and circumstances of his family and those closest to him. He is driven by the worsening conditions of his city and influences that continue to poison and mis-lead the younger generations. With every fiber of his being he studies, plans and prepares, as he paves the way for his city. With a long list of unreal hardships, legal issues, family problems & loss, this persistent striver looks to use his story and hardship to better the lives of all. Eric Tremaine (Heard) better known as OxNxExZ (O-N-E-Z) was born Dec. 8th, 1990. He grew up in a single mother household on public assistance with two younger brothers and one older, who soon passed. As the years passed, he lost even more family and friends due to street and gang violence. He himself has served time in penal institutions since 17 years old. His involvement in street activity goes as far back as 11 years old. With a new and trained mentality, he has overcome the skeptics and doubters by existing. As an educated and diligent leader, his work ethic is his form of communication. His energy is contagious! His thoughts, inspiring! And his words, profound. Whether on a street corner or in a business conference room, this young "President" is destine for greatness in whatever he pursues.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012


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